“They care about my well being and that of the children.”

/“They care about my well being and that of the children.”

I will separate my story into 2 parts.

Part 1 (with the previous Au Pair) I arrived with my host family on April 9, 2019 and the previous Au Pair was still working, she was very nice to me and explained the tasks to be done very well. In all this week the children did not feel confident with me, they were shy and all the things they needed just asked the previous Au Pair, and I felt a bit rejected.

I spoke little English at the time and could not communicate with the host parents a lot, besides they work hard and when they get home they spend their time with the children, so I felt “out of place”.

After a week of training, the previous Au Pair returned to her country and the host family and I went on vacation to Disneyland! I never thought of going to this place in my life, it was great  and they were very cool with me.

Here begins part 2: After the holidays I had a bad day at work! The internet of my cell phone was over and I could not return to the house using GPS, I was in the car with 2 of my host kids. My host mom called me to find out my location and she called our neighbor to pick us up, I was very sorry for that, but the host parents were calm that we were all well and that they are things that happen.

A few days later, my host mom was away for work for 1 week and I spent more time with the children, this helped them trust me more, helping with their homework, bathed them and told them stories before bedtime. The last day of this week was my birthday and my host family made me a surprise party and made me feel part of the family. They bought cupcakes, the children gave me gifts, the parents invited the neighbor who helped me the day I got lost. I had a lot of Fun!. This was my AHA moment, since as of this day, my relationship with the family has been closer. Now I speak a little more English and ask the host parents for advice about places to visit, gymnasiums, libraries and other activities to do in my spare time. The children are very loving. Parents include me in events such as vacations, birthday parties, pool parties, family dinners, family walks and all this makes me feel like part of the family, in the same way I support them when I see that it is necessary as I would an older daughter.

It is impossible to explain in so few words because my host parents are the best that could have touched me! They care about my well being and that of the children. I am always in contact with them in a group chat in which I inform them almost every day about the children so that they are calm while they work. Every Family and Au Pair is different and I faithfully believe that I am with the right family for me.

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