Host Parents Teach Au Pair “Nothing is Impossible”

/Host Parents Teach Au Pair “Nothing is Impossible”

I am very excited to tell you a little about the experience that is changing my life.

I remember so much. When I arrived at the Philadelphia airport there, my host was waiting for me when he recognized me he said, “¡Hey! Flor, How are you? How was your flight?” I was very nervous, but when he gave me a warm hug from that moment I felt very calm.

Time has passed so fast. It’s been three months since I got home. Every day, they have made me feel part of their family. That is something that I appreciate so much. It’s so nice to go back in time and remember when they said “¡Hey! Flor, feel like part of the family. Eat what you want, don’t be ashamed!” Or the countless times they have shared the typical food, chocolates, candies, and snacks from Russia & USA and have always tried to explain to me what they are made of or how they are prepared. I will never forget all the kindness they have had with me.

Flor's Host Family taught her to drive, even though she was afraid.

My Family Taught Me to Drive, Even When I Was Scared.

Something very important that I keep in my heart is when I had to start driving, I can say that it was a great challenge for me. I felt so nervous, I felt a lot of fear and didn’t want to drive. Every day I thought I was not going to do it, that I was not able to do it, that this was not for me; but nevertheless, God put in my way loving people who without knowing me much had me too much patience. As if I were their daughter, they taught me to have confidence in myself. I remember that they always told me, “Flor you are doing a very good job, don’t worry everything will be fine, you will achieve it, trust us.” That helped me to feel calmer.

There were many times when I wanted to return to my country to leave everything I had started behind, but they were always advising me to encourage me not to give up, they adjusted their work schedules to go out with me to drive in the afternoons so that I lose my fear and get used to the car and the city is something that I will always thank you for.

My Host Parents celebrated with me when I got my license.

When I finally got the license, I couldn’t believe it since I tried it twice I was very excited and happy. At that important moment, my host parents were there to congratulate me and tell me that they felt proud of me since they knew that I was going to achieve it. After that, they continued to support me to have the necessary confidence that I needed. Since again we went to practice driving together, something very funny that I remember is when the children were telling me, “Flor, the traffic light is in red you have to stop or you can go if it’s green.” 😂  I just laughed and so I got used to talking with them until one day I didn’t feel more fear and wanted to drive all the time.

“I know that nothing is impossible, thanks to what my host parents taught me.”

Without realizing it, I succeeded and this challenge became a great help for them and for me because I could go alone with the children to daycare, to the park, to the bookstore and I was also going to buy things that I needed.

Now that everything I went through is a memory I know that nothing is impossible, thanks to what my host parents taught me. It was not only to practice the driving but also believing in myself, being brave and never giving up. They and their children are an incredible family for me, I know that many times I have made mistakes. But the most beautiful of all is that they have corrected me with a lot of respect and always with a smile.

I want you to know that I am very grateful to you for allowing me to live this beautiful adventure and to my host family for all the support, trust and patience they have had with me. All the advice they have given me, the anecdotes and moments that I have lived with them, I keep as a very valuable treasure for me.

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