Au Pair Gains New Appreciation for Her Own Parents

/Au Pair Gains New Appreciation for Her Own Parents

How being an Au Pair changed my life:

First, I learned to see life from a child’s perspective. Spending time with my children woke up la niña that I have inside, and I had a lot of fun.

I also learned a language by being in direct contact with native speakers. When I started my stay, I could not express myself well, nor did I understand my words, but these months that I have been living with this wonderful family, I have learned a lot and they have a lot of patience with me. Talking with children every day and my Host Family has helped me a lot.

The other way that my life has changed is to realize how enriching it is to travel. It is clear that once you start traveling, you cannot stop. And when you’re going to live in another country, this feeling is stronger. I feel like I want to make the most of every second of my life here. The time I have been in the USA I have known many beautiful cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, and others.

Another thing that I have learned is to value the work and effort of the parents.

Some days, it was easy to keep up, and others were very difficult, such as getting them to do their homework or eating vegetables. This has helped me understand parents and thank my parents for all the patience and support they have given me. Another thing that has changed in me is the perspective that I have of my country, after an intense period of time outside, I know that when I return to my country maybe nothing has changed, but there will be something that has changed and it will be ME. Thanks to this experience, I learned to value every moment of my life and every minute I share with my family and friends.

Being an Au Pair is the best way to live new experiences. Daily life with your Host Family gives you the opportunity to live the culture of the country from a very close point of view. You will have enough time to understand and make the traditions of the country, make friends, try new things, and above all, you will learn to appreciate the good of your country and your host country. Being an Au Pair entails personal growth. I will not tire of repeating that the Au Pair program is one of the best things there is and that, without a doubt, it makes this world a better place.

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