My Host Family Gave Me an Incredible Opportunity

/My Host Family Gave Me an Incredible Opportunity

Hello 👋🏼 everybody, I’m Gabriela Alvarado from Mexico, this is my second year as extension, now I’m living in Jersey City and I live with my new Host Family Tabarovsky.

Since the first moment that I received their profile I knew that I’ve found a good family to me, my interview was over their home and I could feel a good energy from them and positivism, in the life when we share positive energy we receive positive energy, maybe these few weeks that I just had with this family could not be enough to everybody but I know and I hope that we will have a good relationship for the rest of our life. Let me tell you how my host family is and why I want to nominate them…

Fist at all because they gave me an opportunity to live in an incredible country and become part of their family. They appreciate my presence and the things that I like to do, be with their children. I’m learning some Russian as they are learning Spanish. Their children Oliver and Helena, beautiful kids and Russian speakers, they are getting used to me as I do, I want to show them that we live in an amazing world and we have to enjoy every moment because every day is perfect to be an amazing day.


Multicultural environment, they like my culture as I like theirs, they like tacos as I like Russian recipes from grandma and American food, they work hard, they have a positive energy, and they gather together in the table to get the dinner. We accept that the culture is different in our countries and we share every good moment or thing that we love from our home.

Education, they are teaching good behavior, languages, knowledge of everything, good manners and especially values to their children, for me that’s the best way to raise a good family. And I’m encourage them the same as my parents did to me because the education comes from home too and the school is the support of what they are learning from home.

I can say that in his house I’m feeling like I’m in home, they are treating me good as I do, we have mutual respect, my room is so cozy, and I like everything. My first weekend we went to eat tacos and my Helena loved the guacamole, we had a good time and the food was so good. I like to cook to all of us and they appreciate and enjoy the food.

I’m excited for this new year to all of us and I hope to enjoy my time in USA with them, travel, go to a concert, museums, parks as my new host family encourage me to enjoy everything. Every day I’m impressed about how we have a different world in the same world and how magnificent and pleasure is be here at this time. I hope that one day these little kids will be as nice and working people as their parents are keeping in mind mutual respect and love.

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