The Little Moments with My Host Family

/The Little Moments with My Host Family

Puzzle Pieces That Create a Picture of Limitless Love

Hi, I am Yuliia from Ukraine and this letter is dedicated to My Lovely Host Family, Alla Gerzon and her beautiful daughters Mariella and Eliana. Every single word in this letter expresses my love and gratitude so other people can know how grateful I am for My Host Family.

Even though I live with My Host Family for one month, I want to say that a lot more was done before I came to them. And here is how it was.

How we found each other…

February 19, 2019. I was sitting in my room studying for my next exam without any expectation that something could happen. It was my third month of waiting for My Host Family. My hope tried to leave me sometimes but the faith was stronger so I kept believing that one day My Host Family would send me their profile. That day I did not check my email. I expected to see nothing there so I went to sleep.

February 20, 2019. It was a regular day going to college and doing my homework. I even forgot that I was waiting for My Host Family. But something inside me tried to tell me: “Go and check your email! Remember they told you to do it few times per day so you don’t miss anything”. So I opened my laptop and I saw that “Go Au Pair – Alla Gerzon Has Shared Their Profile with Yuliia Maltseva.” I was screaming and dancing in the room because I could not be happier. My roommate can prove it because she was also sharing her happiness with me. I did not even open the profile, I just was happy that someone was interested in me. Later one, I took a deep breath and opened the profile. First thing I wanted to see was photos. When I saw two girls wearing princesses’ dresses I immediately fell in love with them. I really like Disney and everything that is related to it. So I started reading the profile and I understood that I did not need anything more. This was what I was waiting for. This was MY HOST FAMILY. Everything that was written sounded perfect for me. From that point, the first puzzle for a picture called LOVE was found.

The Little Moments Have Made This Experience BIG!

So this is how the story of my love to My Host Family began. When I finally had a Skype interview with My Host Family, I was not stressed or nervous at all. I was calm because I felt that I was about to talk with a person who was the right one for me.

The second puzzle was found – after interviewing with host parent and kids I was offered to become their Au Pair.

Isn’t it amazing?

The next puzzles joined the picture during several months – March, April, May and June. These four months were so helpful in creating bond with My Host Family. We talked a lot, texted each other almost every day even just to ask “how are you doing”. Don’t you think this is love? When you just want to know how the day was going?

Many and many other puzzles were forming the picture, the small part of the picture. Because as I said in the title, the picture called LOVE does not have any limits.

June 20, 2019. Finally I came to the USA. My trip was great despite the fact I was really sick and could not enjoy it fully. However, it could not stop me to meet My Host Family. That day I saw Alla after chatting with her online for four months. She is adorable woman. When we came to, now I call this place, home, I had a feeling that I had never left this place before. You may wonder why you felt that way. The answer is My Host Family was waiting for me. They welcomed me as their family member. For every single Au Pair it is so important to feel that he or she is a part of a family. I felt it when I made my first step to their house.

But you know what? Even if everything is perfect, some challenges might appear.

But how could I “replace” their previous Au Pair…?

When I came to Alla’s house, I met their Au Pair, Mariia, who was with them for two years before me. At one moment, I was thinking that it would be hard for me to get along with kids because they would miss Mariia a lot and would complain about everything. Those were just simple thoughts which made me being afraid of everything. And I did not want to talk about this to anyone because I did not want to look weak. However, the most significant thing that could happen to me when I was about to give up was the words of support of My Host Family. Alla is a wonderful mom who gives everything she can for her kids. She is the best example for her daughters. She has a kind heart. Therefore, she always supports me or says nice words to show how she appreciates what I do for her and kids.

Once she told me, “You are great. I’m glad I picked you.” After these words, my life has been changed. I literally felt that. I understood that this is my home with my people. The puzzles formed one more part of the picture.

One month went by but it feels like I have been here for my whole life. Do you know what homesickness is? I don’t, because I do not feel it with My Host Family.

I love My Host Family a lot. They are my home away from home.

Believe me, this is just the beginning. The puzzle pieces will find their place in the picture which is endless because my love for My Host Family is endless.

P.S. Love you Alla, Mariella, and Eliana.

P.P.S. Love our dog, Baila, because she is also our family.

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