“I Couldn’t Have Imagined That My Life Would Change So Much”

/“I Couldn’t Have Imagined That My Life Would Change So Much”

Almost eleven months ago when I finally decided to participate in Go Au Pair program and to come to the USA for one year I even couldn’t imagine that my life would change so much and I would find such an amazing host family.

Before arriving in the USA it was very important for me to improve my English and of course, the best way to do it is to live in an environment where I can listen and use the language most of the time. Hearing everyday conversation spoken by native speakers is the fastest and the most effective way to develop understanding and fluency. I was and I am very interested in knowing more about the culture and lifestyle of people who live in the USA, make new friends and take care of kids that’s why I came here.

I’m blessed to spend my year of this program with people who became very important members of my life and are taking a very special place in my heart. I am taking care of two wonderful kids ( 3 years old boy and 1-year-old girl), they are very cute, amazing, energetic, smart kids who even didn’t make me feel that I am completely stranger for them even once. The family takes great care of me that I even didn’t have any pain of homesickness as adjust to my new life. I arrived at the beginning of November and in few weeks we went to New Orlean ( family of my host father lives there) for celebrating Thanksgiving Day. That was an amazing cultural experience and a great chance to get know better my host family and people who are very important for them. I love to travel, meet new people, learn about another culture. Since my first day starting the program I’ve been traveling a lot thanks to my host family. They love to travel too and they are doing it in a very fun and enjoyable way and I love we cooperate in our little adventures. We have been to many places together so far and still have a lot of plans to visit a lot of other places in the future. Whenever a friend came to town or a special occasion came up, they insisted I celebrate with them. It usually involved a very fancy dinner. They helped me to organize a few trips to visit other cities to see my friends and explore different places.

I am extremely impressed by their dedication to keeping me comfortable. One of my big dreams was to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and my host family made this dream become true and we all spend a wonderful week of celebrating there. They are making me feel and are treating me as a real member of their family. I love dancing so I was attending the dance class and we had a big show at the end of the quarter. My host family couldn’t come to the show because they were out of the town at that day but my host mom came for our final rehearsal ( before my host family left to go to Salt Lake City for the wedding) and made me feel so great. I love that we can talk about everything, discuss, spend many evenings talking about life and different situations which can happen with anyone. I appreciate a lot about their attitude. I’m so grateful and lucky that I have such an amazing host family. Whenever we have had some difficulties we sit by the table and find the best solution for any kind of situation. Our relationship is as good and very familiar as I have in my family, which makes me feel being here as being at my home with my family. The host family deeply cares for me. I am sure that we formed meaningful, life-long relationships. I would like to extend my program with my current host family for one more year. I love my host family and I am very grateful for spending this amazing, full of adventures and such a meaningful time with them.

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