Host Family Helps Au Pair Adopt Healthier Lifestyle

/Host Family Helps Au Pair Adopt Healthier Lifestyle

Extending with a different host family in my second year helped me to find my path in life. They not only made me feel part of their family but also treat me as a real member of it. When I came to the Hanson family at the beginning of summer 2018, I was more than ready for a new adventure! First thing first, as an au pair in my second year I had gained a couple of pounds lol and I was concerned about my lifestyle as well. So my host mom and I decided to challenge each other by running every day and eating in a healthy way! It actually worked, now we are healthy and in a good shape for the beach!

Au Pair Mindy's Host Family helped her adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Being Included as Part of the Family:

My daily routine definitely changed, now I was watching two smart kids who filled my life with their jokes and their sweet sense of humor! Nishi who is four years old learned how to read when he was just three and we worked hard in math (subtraction and addition). By the end of my second year, my amazing host kid is not only an expert in mathematics but also in animals. I cannot forget to mention my second host kid, her name is Aya and she is eighteen months old. Aya has a sweet personality and she is my best student in Spanish. One of her first words was “agua” meaning water in English.

I am so glad that the Hanson Family made me so happy by including me in their plans and caring about my needs and feelings. My host dad became one of my best friends by always supporting me and having clear communication, so both parts (me as the au pair and they as the host family) were comfortable and satisfied.

How My Host Family Changed My Life Forever:

The AHA moment!!! People say if you are around smart people you will become one of them. Well, here is a clear example; my host family encouraged me to persuade my dreams. My host parents believe in me and they motivate me to study in the U.S. They helped me in all the process and the paperwork, and as I mentioned in previous posts; they actually encouraged me to take the TOEFL test as a requirement of the College. Filling all the requirements supported by my host family and myself, my admission to the University was positive. I am excited to come back to college and at the same time, I am so grateful that my family supported and motivated me to keep moving forward after the au pair program. I am so thankful for all the support and love that I’ve always received from them.

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