Hopeless Rematch Led to a Loving Family

/Hopeless Rematch Led to a Loving Family

Colombian Au Pair Finds Her Dream Family

During the last days of my rematch process, my faith was lost, but I received a message telling me something like, “We are looking for an Au Pair, we can have an interview in a few days.” I said yes, without hope. Our first interview was on Sunday, at 10 pm, and we talked for more than an hour, about everything, we couldn’t stop talking, I felt like talking with old friends, I felt that connection.

The very next day we had another interview (at the same time), I met the kids for a moment (it was bedtime already), they showed me their house and I felt that it was about to be my future home, it seemed really cozy, full of love, books, dogs and happiness.

After 2 hours talking this time, they extended an offer to me, to be their Au Pair, I didn’t hesitate, I said yes immediately. In a few days, I was back in my favorite state! I couldn’t believe I found a family in the same state I lived for my first month. I was so happy about that because this state has everything I love, a lot of nature, extreme sports, nice people and the best sunsets in the country.

When I arrived at the airport at 11 pm, my host mom picked me up and during the whole way we couldn’t stop talking about the kids, our lives, our interests, our favorite things, etc.

A New Home & Family

The next day was Thanksgiving Day, of course, they’d planned a familiar day, with all the family. I thought it was about to be awkward, but it wasn’t. All the family was really nice, they were so happy to have a new person to take care of the kids. We ate a lot and we had an amazing time together. I felt really welcomed. It was on Thursday, on Friday was my first day alone with the kids, we played a lot, jump, run, enjoy our time together.

At the end of the day, I told them I wanted to spend my weekend at my friend’s house downtown. I was afraid about their reaction, my first weekend in the house and I already had plans to sleepover at someone else’s house, but they just said, “Have fun,” with a big smile on their faces.

In this exact moment, I was completely sure they will respect my free time, my decisions, my independence, and I couldn’t be happier. That was what I was looking for. Since I have been living alone during my last 7 years in Bogotá, I wanted to have control of my life.

After this weekend, my Au Pair life officially started. I was afraid. I knew that take care of two boy toddlers was not an easy job. The first three weeks were crazy (lot of tantrums), but with a lot of love, games, yummy food, treats, hugs and kisses, the boys and I became siblings. I actually feel that I am their big sister.

Colombian Au Pair's hopeless rematch turned into an ideal situation, where she found her dream Host Family

Bonding with the Kids & Relationship with Host Parents

I love taking care of them, cooking Colombian food for them every day, giving them lot of kisses, playing crazy games, taking them to fun places around the area, showing them my culture and teaching them Spanish, the numbers, how to be organized, to share toys, to be super super nice with their friends, to be really good listeners.

They are an important part of my life and I can’t be happier with the love they give me daily. I am a better person since I met them, I am more patient, I care more about others, I am more grateful with my life, I appreciate more the little details.

On the other hand, my relationship with my host parents is the best, they trust in me, they respect my decisions, my free time, my private life. I can talk with them about everything, tell them my “dramas,” the things that I do. No matter what day or what time is, we are always in touch, through a text message, through a meme on Facebook or through a picture of the kids.

They already know me and understand my sarcasm and my weird sense of humor, and I know them, their style, their favorite things. Also, during the first month, I was not able to drive because I was kind of scared about driving in a new country, so my host mom spent time with me driving, teaching me the road rules.

Besides, when I needed to go somewhere else, to hang out with my friends or to take my classes, there were always available to give me a ride, so it was easier for me to explore the area. After three months of practicing driving, I obtained my driver license and now I am able to drive, which makes things better.

They trust a lot in me, they even let me drive out of the city, to the cities close to me, to different hikes and national parks around me, that’s great because I can explore more this beautiful state and country.

Deciding to Extend

In general, I am so grateful. I feel like part of the family with all the love and good energy we have between us. Before I came here, I wasn’t expecting to stay in the country for more than a year, but after almost 10 months with them, I think I need more time to enjoy them, to getting to know better them and to live more adventures together, so I took the decision to stay with them for another year.

Thank you so much family, I really love you. ☺

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