“I am definitely blessed to have the best host family.”

/“I am definitely blessed to have the best host family.”

I am very excited to be able to tell you a little bit about one of the best moments with my host family.

I am definitely blessed to have the best host family.

From the first day I arrived at their home they made me feel included and welcome, I could feel like in my house. They were very nice and attentive with me all the children were happy to meet me just like I was very happy to finally meet them. There are many problems and challenges that they have always helped me overcome and resolve, from the things smaller like teaching me how to correctly use the appliances and the right place of things in the kitchen, until to do everything possible to adapt to this new environment. And also help me to get my social security, among all these challenges one of them was to drive and get the driver’s license, driving in a different place with laws different from my country.

It made me feel a bit scared and strange, but my host family give me the best support I could receive, first of all they looked the best for me and made feel safe and calm to help me achieve this challenge, they not only help me economically since they gave me a driving instructor and they helped me to practice every day showing me the kids school and the best route I could take to get there but they also helped me morally words like: good job, you’re doing well, you’ve improved a lot, you can achieve it, you’re the best.

My Host Family Really Supported Me…

I really appreciate all these beautiful words, and I truly believe this helped me a lot to feel good, loved and safer. This was the best support I could receive from my host family. It also helped me to confirm that with desire, effort and love of every day, everything can be achieved, this greatly improved a lot our daily activities now I can take my host kids to their daily activities, make purchases, go to the institute where I am studying English, all this by myself.

I got my driver’s licenses and was easier to get it with all the advantages that my host family gave me. I think now my host family trust more in me and they feel more secure that I take their kids to all the places that they need to go I am very grateful with my host family for this nice treatment that I have received from them.

I feel very good about this and every day I give the best of myself in my daily activities and I am always willing to help them in whatever they need and I can do it I like to be reciprocal and be able to give back everything that others do for me and I hope that my family feels comfortable with what I am doing and we can follow in harmony, living together many beautiful moments as up to now.

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