Ukranian Au Pair Still Lives Near Host Family, Even After Program Ends

/Ukranian Au Pair Still Lives Near Host Family, Even After Program Ends

Hello! My name is Mariia and I’m from Ukraine! I want to thank my dear Gerzon family with whom I spent 2 amazing years of my American experience with. My family included my host mom Alla with 2 beautiful princesses, Mariella and Eliana, and golden-doodle Baila. I never expected some kids can steal your heart for forever. Now I’m married and living in Groton, CT which is a 4-hour drive without traffic to my first American home in Jamison, PA! I went to take them for ice cream just last week.

Those girls touched my heart!

They are the cutest, kind, sweet and fun kids in whole galaxy!!! I know it’s crazy, but they are!!!

Well let me explain why I think they deserve to be nominated for best family of the year!

  1. My first trip to Mexico was with them with tons of funny moments, starting at the airport and finishing at the concert. We still laugh about it!!!
  2. Our trip to the Alligator farm in FL. Trust it was super cool and we are the bravest people!
  3. My girls always helped me with dishes and cleaning! How many times we made a mess after creating unicorn art in the past. 😅
  4. The amount of crazy jumps we did in the pool!
  5. How many cute dogs we pet!
  6. How many amazing handmade art work girls brought for me from school.
  7. How many times I need to give the medicine to my girls when they were sick and explain it’s not that bad. But then I have tried and figured it out how terrible that medicine is.
  8. Teaching them how bad it is to lie. They never do it! I respect them and wish a lot of adults could learn from them!
  9. Teaching them how to do dishes and how to read and solve math problems. They are smart and very talented at everything.
  10. To see the first time my older host child Mariella did zip lining, because I did it with her.
  11. To go on crazy trampoline and doing the coolest flips!
  12. Having tough time to pick the best movie we all gonna like.
  13. Our dancing time and line dancing.
  14. Of course at the wedding, they were my flower girls!!!!

I can find 100,000 reasons why this family is the best.

The time when girls were leaving my wedding, it was a very emotional time. We all cried! I want to be (and I know I will be) in their life forever! I miss them and I can’t wait to see them grow.

My host mom is a good friend and we always have so many great memories to laugh about!

When I called to girls and said I have a surprise for them I will come on Saturday and will take them for ice cream I saw how happy they were to see me and this cute scream, “Masha you are the best!” melted my heart! I know their favorite food, color, animals, best friends, anything! Every night I needed to say all my favorite animals after goodnight kiss.

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