Can I Rematch with a New Host Family?

/Can I Rematch with a New Host Family?

Local Area Representative, Patti Hahn McHugh from Northern New Jersey, answers this question:

First, you should always talk with your Local Area Representative about your problems. If you’re not sure if you should rematch, a LAR can help you figure out if what you are upset about is valid or if it is something that can be fixed or remedied. If not, a lot of time Au Pairs are nervous to talk to their Host Families.

Part of my job as an LAR is to help the Au Pairs though this process. What the Au Pair tells me is kept in confidence unless she tells me that she want me to talk with the Host Family. Sometimes I have actually had to go and sit down with the Host Families and Au Pairs and try to resolve the differences. So as a LAR, we are here to support the Au Pair and make sure that she is happy and that there are no rules broken by the Host Family.


In the process what you do is tell your Host Family that you need to talk with them. Your Host Family should be receptive to this. If they are not, talk to your Local Area Representative. Plan for a time when the kids are asleep or not around to interrupt. You need to be able to talk to your Host Family about what is bothering you. They need to communicate how things are going for them as well.

After this, if you are still unhappy, you can give your 2 weeks notice to your Host Family. Then both you and your Host Family need to talk to Go Au Pair Corporate. Paper work must be signed and Corporate takes over at that point. You will work for 2 weeks and your Au Pair [status] will go up for rematch.

The decision will ultimately be made by Corporate. So just keep that in mind. I have seen lots of girls go on to new families, but you can also resolve the situation with your current family. So just communicate; don’t hold it inside.

I know it is a big deal coming to a new country and dealing with kids and American customs. I know we are a little crazy here, but we are here to help you, so talk to your LAR.

I hope you are having a great year, save your money and travel in your 13th month!
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