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Au Pair Child Care is Fun

Fun is the absolute best part of Au Pair child care. Life with children is fun already, and adding an Au Pair amplifies the daily joy of being a family. Families love to share in the delightful moments when an Au Pair tries their first piece of pizza, attends their first baseball game, watches their first American TV series or enjoys their first Thanksgiving. For Au Pairs, everyday offers fun new experiences with Host Kids, Parents, friends, and neighbors.

Listen to How Families and Au Pairs Describe the Fun

Sofia, Au Pair from Mexico, caring for 3 children ages 2 to 7
Sofia, Au Pair from Mexico, caring for 3 children ages 2 to 7

I love spending time with them. Seeing how much the boys love music and watching them dance and sing. I love spending time with A (Host Mom) and T (Host Dad) playing board games, having good conversations trying dances with A (Host Mom), new recipes or having a girls night. I really enjoyed doing Insanity workouts with T (Host Dad), encouraging each other every time we got tired or discouraged from it, talking about soccer and sometimes playing FIFA. I love all the time I spend with L (Host Kid), all the snuggles, movies, playing hide-and-seek, eating spicy chips together and seeing his beautiful smile every time he sees me when I get home after a long or short time away. I also love spending time with L (Host Kid), how sweet he can be even with all his energy… he always chooses good songs and has great dance moves and it is always fun playing soccer with him. And L (Host Kid), my big boy, with whom I can have really good talks. I love seeing how he loves his brothers by taking care of them but also how he helps me with them. He helps me to improve my english and teaches me about superheroes, videos and things that I don’t know. He is my best and favorite partner to play Just Dance or Mario Kart with, even the times he wins.

With the kids we like to share the same seat doing the three of us different things just to be together. We love eating ice cream and baking delicious pastries even if after that we have to clean up the mess we put every single time. Talking about food must be one of our favorite topics. We enjoy going to beach and see which one of us had tanned the most, trading stuff in animal crossing and singing descendants and others Disney songs out loud during bath time and turning up the volume in the car when our song of the moment get on! It is with all these moments that if feel so privileged to live this adventure because even if I’m far from my family I know that right here standing next to me I have another family I can count on.

Our boys see her as far more than a care giver. She is a friend who they can laugh and play with, a teacher of new languages and cultures, a giver of tickles and hugs and part of our family! We couldn’t ask for a better more trusting and responsible Au Pair and friend.

My host kids are awesome kids and I couldn’t be happier with my choice of families. Whether it’s bike rides, soccer or even being used as monkey bars by your little six year old. The fun definitely never ends! As an Au Pair who travelled abroad, missing home does play its significant role and it’s definitely one thing that my host family has helped with. It could be the simplest things from just having a meal together around the table or taking me to explore the different parts of New Jersey or it could even be something as simple as a conversation to ease the mind.

Estefania, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 2 children ages 2 and 5
Estefania, Au Pair from Ecuador, caring for 2 children ages 2 and 5

I never needed a different moment to believe that they had been my best decision, but the most wonderful gift they gave me the last year on my birthday, they had a surprise party for me, with all my au pair friends and I couldn’t contain my tears and happiness, at that time I knew that love, respect and admiration was mutual, I think that was and will be forever the best memory of how wonderful they have done for me.

D [Au Pair] brings so much positive energy and love into our home. She has a joie de vivre like I’ve never seen. She is so enthusiastic about new experiences, and her energy is infectious.

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