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Want to be an Au Pair?

Standard 1 Year Program Pricing Breakdown - Most Popular

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Match with an au pair within 30 days of registration to save $300 on your agency fees!

Fees Paid to Agency

Application Fee (Apply Today and Save $250*)     $250
Standard Program Fee                         $7,995*
  • Au Pair Recruitment
  • Screening and Background Verification
  • Au Pair Training
  • Host Family & Au Pair Orientation
  • Medical & Travel Insurance for Au Pair
  • Regular Contact & Support with Go Au Pair
  • Read more about included services
Domestic Air Travel Fees              $0 to $400
International Travel Fees              $0 to $500
Fees Paid to Au Pair
Minimum Weekly Stipend              $195.75                           
  • The weekly stipend is the term for the wages paid to the Au Pair by the Host family

Education Contribution                         $500
  • The education contribution is the contribution amount paid to the Au Pair by the Host Family and required by Department of State regulations
Other Fees                                              Varies
                   *$2,700 due upon matching.  $5,295 + Air Travel Fees due 30 days prior to arrival.  Payment plan options available for agency fees.


Standard 1 Year Program Overall Weekly Average Calculation

Our calculations add together both Au Pair specific fees and agency fees and averages the total across the entire length of your placement. This weekly and hourly average is the easiest way to evaluate Au Pair child care fees.  

Agency Fees
Application Fee
Application Fee Promotion*
Standard 1 Year Program Fee
Sub-total to Agency
Au Pair Fees
Minimum Stipend   ($195.75 x 52 weeks)
Education Contribution
Sub-total to Au Pair
Combined Total Agency plus Au Pair Fees
Divided by 52 weeks
÷  52
Standard 1 Year Program Weekly Average Per Family
Divided by 45 hours per week
Although presented as a weekly average, remember agency fees are actually paid up front. Our customizable payment plan options enable families to divide program fees into multiple payments across a wider timeframe.

*Application fee promotion: complete your Host Family application within 7 days of registering to save $250.