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Host Family and Au Pair Testimonials

Knowing you are making the right childcare choice for your children is important. Hearing experiences from other moms and dads just like you can help assure you that an Au Pair from Go Au Pair is the right child care choice for your family. Here are just a few comments from some of our satisfied Host Families across the country:

"Anna has provided us with quality home childcare and has introduced our family to a whole other culture. Our children love her because she is patient, loving and best of all fun! The Au Pair program has made a tremendous difference for our family!" - Jennifer, Host Mom, NY

"Illianova would sit and listen to them for hours as they read, showed her their favorite games and drew pictures. She played hide-and-seek with a gusto that had long since left my own playing style." - Michelle, Host Mom, PA

"Initial experience was excellent and I saw no reason to change. As it turns out 10 years and several Au Pairs later it was the right choice." - Terrance, Host Dad, MA

"Fernanda is our first experience with Go Au Pair and our lives have been filled with fresh air and sunshine ever since her arrival. Our expectations have been exceeded on every level." - Jamie, Host Mom, NJ

"I already have recommended it to a few other friends. It is the best type of childcare and the Au Pair becomes part of the family." - Lisa, Host Mom, FL

"I like Go Au Pair's selection process the best. Ability to see more than one candidate at a time, yet not feel we needed to rush into someone. Very quick response when we asked to see more candidates." - Kathy, Host Mom, NJ

"I found Nicolette's letter and application a real insight to her personality, enthusiasm and energetic approach to life. The photos she included expressed the happy-go-lucky person she really is and the many children she cared for in South Africa." - Tammie, Host Mom, NY

"We've had eight Au Pairs over as many years and enjoy them for their independence, cultural differences and capabilities. They tend to be more flexible than sitters who don't live in-home." - Elizabeth, Host Mom, VA

"We believe it is a win/win program because of the cultural exchange and childcare that we receive and the opportunity it gives Au Pairs to come to the US, travel, and learn about our culture." - Shannon, Host Mom, WY

"We stay with Go Au Pair because of the personality testing that they provide with the Au Pair selections. It allows us to get a good fit for our family. Also because of the open selection process. I can review as many applications as I feel the need for and find a perfect Au Pair for my family." - Theresa, Host Mom, IL

"We wanted someone to take care of our children in our home - someone who would love them and care for them while living as part of our family. We felt that the cultural exchange was a good opportunity for our children to be exposed to other traditions and language as well." - Jeanne, Host Mom, NC

"This has been our first experience with an Au Pair and in fact our first experience with having another person live in our home. We of course had some concerns but our experience has been wonderful." - Nancy, Host Mom, GA

"We wanted the flexibility of having help in the early morning hours and occasional evenings. When we began, we had 2 kids needing full time care so it was cost effective - now it is more about the flexibility of time." - Brian, Host Dad, CT

"I can't express enough the piece of mind we have knowing that Andrew is in such good hands when we are both at work." - Dana, Host Mom, UT

"Tanya often performs tasks around the house without being asked. I'm often amazed how she will do a task that I intended to do EXACTLY how I would have done it. This means to me that she cares about how our house runs and helps me to make it a happy place." - Julia, Host Mom, KS

"Pascale has provided us with quality home childcare, and the unique opportunity to work with someone from a different culture. She has a lot of fun with our daughter and she is caring, flexible and easy to get along with! I would encourage other families to participate in the Au Pair program - it's great for the children and the parents in too many ways." - Teresa, Host Mom, TX

"Rodrigo arrived safely in our home last Saturday. What a treasure he is! My boys bonded with him right away. They have been playing chess and soccer. Rodrigo is even teaching the boys how to play the guitar. I couldn't be more pleased with your program!" - Lisa, Host Mom, CT

"I like that I was able to view multiple candidates and was given free reign as to when and who I would interview." - Yvette, Host Mom, CA