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Want to be an Au Pair?

Want to be an Au Pair?

Award-Winning Au Pairs

Learning firsthand how Au Pair child care has changed you and your Host Family’s lives is truly rewarding. Your wonderful experiences remind us all of the enriching cultural experience and human connection Au Pair child care was designed to create. Host Families are asked to send in photos, videos and a nomination essay to share how their Au Pair has impacted their lives and why their Au Pair deserves to be recognized.


IAPA Au Pair of the Year Winners

The International Au Pair Association (IAPA) presents the Au Pair of the Year Award annually to one outstanding Au Pair. This award is based on nominations sent in from thousands of Host Families around the world, which detail the many ways their Au Pair has made a positive impact on their lives. Go Au Pair Au Pairs been internationally recognized through this award in 2009, 2005 and 2004, here you can read their stories:

Mariela - 2005 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Winner

2005 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Winner - Mariela Poveda, Ecuador

While in the U.S. Mariela worked with a single mother to provide care for her 10 month old daughter, Serena. During Mariela's time with her Host Family, Serena was diagnosed as profoundly deaf. "Rather than being daunted by the experience, she became excited about this new opportunity to learn another language and culture," wrote her host mom. Mariela's dedication to Serena was apparent when one of the first signs that Serena learned was Mariela's name. 

Read Mariela's Nomination


Lenuta - 2004 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Winner

2004 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Winner - Lenuta Tedora, Romania

Lenuta matched with a Host Family in Virginia. While there, she cared for two boys, Andrew and Lucas. Lenuta worked with her host parents as a team, to help provide the best possible care for the children. "She doesn’t just love children because they are cute, but she sees them as the world’s future and treats them that way, helping them to become responsible and thoughtful individuals." Lenuta was able to identify areas of need within the home and willingly pitched in to help.

Read Lenuta's Nomination

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Au Pair in Excellence Winners


Go Au Pair's Au Pair in Excellence Award was created to honor our Au Pairs who truly changed the lives of their Host Families. This award is also based on nominations sent in from Go Au Pair’s Host Families all over the country. We want to recognize all of our Au Pairs for their hard work and effort in providing quality child care for families.

Nominating your Au Pair for this prominent award is an excellent way to give them the credit and recognition they deserve for providing quality child care and becoming a valuable part of your family

Silvia - Au Pair in Excellence Winner

2017 Au Pair in Excellence Winner - Valentine Morel

Valentine came from France to assist Ms. Dehaven in Doylestown, PA, who was struggling to keep up with taking care of her grandchildren after a series of unfortunate events took their mother away.

"I am a single, self-employed grandmother who has had custody of my two granddaughters- now 10 and 3 - for going on two years. I was almost forced to put them in foster care because I just did not think I could do it by myself anymore. Then Valentine’s letter came-she was a 17 year old girl from France looking to become an Au pair in the US after she graduated and turned 18. We worked together with Go Au Pair, her parents and some of my supporting clients and were able to make it happen very quickly this past September. She has become our godsend."

Read Valentine's nomination

Monica - Au Pair in Excellence Runner Up

2017 Au Pair in Excellence Runner Up - Veronika Legerska

Monica arrived in Morris Plains, NJ to become an honorary member of the Kislin family with their two young children.

"For years, I was stressed all of the time. Would our nanny arrive on time to get our daughter off the bus while my husband and I were at work? Would she call us with another excuse why she couldn’t come to work at the last minute? After years of stress and frustration, and many different nannies, we decided to look for an au pair. When Veronika arrived on January 2, 2016 our lives were forever changed. We had no idea that a real life Mary Poppins had just arrived!"

Read Veronika's nomination

Douglas - Au Pair in Excellence Runner Up

2017 Au Pair in Excellence Runner Up - Douglas Campos Da Silva

Douglas came to America from Brazil, to work with the Ortballs-Tibbs family and their three boys so the host parents' hectic schedules don't cause additional stress on the family.

"The kids have many needs, and so do the parents. Our two-working-parent household is very hectic. Mom travels a lot internationally and domestically and can—as a media relations person working with contacts around the world—wind up caught up in unexpected assignments and meetings. Dad is a lawyer with an intense workload and clients who call constantly. Douglas is a huge contributor to our daily juggle, helping us gracefully smooth out the scheduling bumps."

Read Douglas' nomination

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