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Want to be an Au Pair?

Want to be an Au Pair?

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Au Pair child care lets you choose the skills, schedule, budget, family fit and culture you need. 

By choosing  Go Au Pair and Au Pair child care, you join thousands of other Host Families who want child care that is convenient and affordable, who want a long-lasting cultural experience, who want a nurturing care provider and who want professional and easy services. Make your choice today, choose Go Au Pair.

Choose convenience

Choose Go Au Pair and choose reliable, consistent, flexible child care. Go Au Pair’s Au Pair child care is dependable and convenient for you. With schedules you choose, Au Pair child care provides the convenience you need.

We wanted someone who would provide our children with personal, loving attention. We think the home environment is emotionally and physically healthier for young children. We wanted someone to speak Spanish with our children on a regular basis early in their lives. It's also very convenient not to have to get the children ready in the morning and have to drop them off and pick them up.

- Host Mom from Fairfax, VA

[We chose Go Au Pair] so we would have a dependable person that our children felt secure with AND flexible hours.

- Host Mom from Dallas, TX

Because it is a wonderful alternative for child care compared to day care especially having infant twins. Having someone already living with you and can always depend upon. We also wanted the Au Pair experience.

- Michelle, from Houston, TX

I needed a relatively inexpensive option -- the au pair program had the added bonuses of providing flexible, energetic, culturally-diverse assistance.

- Host Dad from Cleveland, OH

I'm a single working mom with two small children - one is in school, the other is home during the day. Consistency in care is great and the added companionship for me is wonderful.

- Host Mom from Buffalo, NY

Choose affordability

Choose Go Au Pair and choose cost effective, affordable child care. Go Au Pair’s Au Pair child care is one price per family and priced competitively. With a budget you choose, Au Pair child care is the affordable option you need.

We like the idea of welcoming someone into our home and family to develop a special relationship with our daughters. We also wanted our girls to begin learning a secondary language at a young age. Last, as parents who both work out of the home, we found the Au Pair program to be the most affordable type of childcare overall.

- Jen, Host Mom from Chicago

[We chose Go Au Pair because we were] able to view multiple prospective Au Pairs at the same time, cost was competitive and great communication from staff.

- Tiffany, Host Mom from New Jersey

[We chose Go Au Pair because they are] cost effective [with] better qualified, and pre-screened. The agency affords us piece of mind in the screen process.

- Michael, Host Dad from New Jersey

I would definitely recommend Go Au Pair [and] the Au Pair experience. It cost as much if not less than daycare in a facility for 2 children and the 1 on 1 care is a plus.

- Rob, Host Dad from Virginia

[We chose Au Pair child care] for affordable, flexible childcare in the home and the enjoyment of having an energetic young person from a different culture in our home.

- Jon from Virginia

Choose culture

Choose Go Au Pair and choose a cultural child care experience. Go Au Pair’s Au Pair child care is enriching and educational. With culture you choose, Au Pair child care is an unforgettable experience for you, your children and your Au Pair.

The Au Pair program gives me the opportunity to leave my child at home but also to raise him open-minded by being in contact with people with different cultural backgrounds and languages.

- Host Mom from Boston, MA

We believe it is a win/win program because of the cultural exchange and childcare that we receive and the opportunity it gives Au Pairs to come to the US, travel, and learn about our culture.

- Host Mom from Jackson Hole, WY

I like that my young girls see another young woman taking an adventure. I hope my kids will do it one day.

- Host Mom from Delaware

Love the cultural exchange part of the program - [my Au Pair] has become a part of our family - I get personalized child care.

- Cathy, Host Mom from Salt Lake City, UT

We felt that the cultural exchange was a good opportunity for our children to be exposed to other traditions and language.

- Host Mom from Wilmington, NC

Choose nurture

Choose Go Au Pair and choose experienced, trained, loving child care. Go Au Pair’s Au Pairs are caring, encouraging and interested in your children. With a family fit and child care skills you choose, Au Pairs are the nurturing care providers you need.

With three boys all under four, two dogs, two fish and two parents that are in and out all day, life at our home can be chaotic. Since [our Au Pair's] arrival into our lives, we feel for the first time that it is a safe and educational environment in our home even when we are gone.

- Jan, Host Mom from Idaho

I love having (our Au Pair from Thailand) in our home and as a part of our family. I can completely trust her in caring for our two year old. She has been a tremendous asset to my family.

- Abigal, Host Mom

We chose an Au Pair because we wanted to expose our daughter to different cultures and languages. We wanted a positive role model outside the family, someone that [our daughter] could learn to trust and love. All of our Au Pairs will come from Go Au Pair.

- Host Mom from Charleston, WV

[Our Au Pair] has become part of the family, participating in events and family outings. Going to work with two small children is very stressful. A parent never wants to leave their children, but if you must work, having a live in Au Pair is the next best thing to staying home. We’ve had a wonderful experience and would recommend it for anyone with child care needs.

- Ed, Host Dad from Reno, NV

Choose professionals

Choose Go Au Pair and choose professional, quality service. Go Au Pair’s staff and partners are friendly, knowledgeable and responsive to your needs. We work with your individual needs and provide personalized support.

[Go Au Pair was] very supportive, prompt and helpful...very professional and caring...the travel coordinator was most helpful. [Our Local Area Representative is] very hands-on and in touch with her group and was very welcoming to our Au Pair. She's way, way above the counselor with our previous agency in terms of knowing answers, providing information, and reaching out to welcome and make the Au Pairs feel part of the group.

- Cynthia, Host Mom from Orange County, CA

The staff in Salt Lake City is much friendlier, available, and personable than [competitor agency]. Thanks to the staff in Salt Lake City, you are wonderful to work with! We also really appreciate the thoroughness with which you screen applicants.

- Host Mom from Denver, CO

[Go Au Pair was] nicer to deal with and much more professional…like we were dealing with friends!

- Don, Host Dad from Los Angeles, CA

The service is very good and the agency is reliable. We have had some absolutely wonderful au pairs.

- Pamela, Host Mom, from Alexandria, VA

Choose ease

Choose Go Au Pair and choose easy, fast service. Go Au Pair’s staff, partners and tools are here to assist you in your search for Au Pair child care. Helpful Placement Coordinators, Search Au Pair functionality and self-service options make Au Pair child care the easy option you need.

We previously used [competitor agency]. We disliked its matching process. They were very slow to give us new candidates and then pressured us to accept Au Pairs that did not match our criteria. I was impressed by how quickly Go Au Pair returned my phone calls and by how many candidates’ files I was able to review.

- Host Mom from Washington, DC

Very easy to work with...I like that I was able to view multiple candidates and was given free reign as to when and who I would interview.

- Host Mom from California

Go Au Pair is so much more consumer friendly [than competitor agency], really caring for the girls (Au Pairs) and the families.

- Host Mom from Omaha, NE