What is included in my Host Family application and profile?

/What is included in my Host Family application and profile?
Your Host Family application is seven online pages including one page for your “Dear Au Pair” letter. The application includes:
  • personal information
  • information about your home, family and neighborhood
  • your preferences for an Au Pair (if any)
  • your “Dear Au Pair” letter describing your family, your expectations, a typical workday and what the Au Pair can expect to experience living with your family
Your Host Family profile contains your application with your letter, your written agreement, and your family photos.
  • The written agreement is the contract between you and your Au Pair. Your Au Pair mutually agrees to the terms you set forth including work schedule, responsibilities and tasks, car, computer and phone access, curfew, house rules and more. This agreement manages your Au Pair’s expectations and has the flexibility to change.
  • The Host Family photo collage includes pictures of the kids, all adults living in the home, pets, and the Au Pair’s bedroom.
These items are reviewed by Au Pair candidates (per your request only) during the matching process.
Other documents are required before you can match with an Au Pair; however, they are not part of your profile and are not viewed by Au Pair applicants. These documents include:
  • The Host Family interview which is conducted in your home with your Local Area Representative. The interview is primarily a screening process; however, it is also a great time to ask questions, learn more about Au Pair child care in your local area and meet the person who supports you and your Au Pair during the experience.
  • Employment evidence such as a pay stub, W2 or letter from your employer.
  • Two non-family references which are submitted by your friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc
  • A signed Host Family agreement
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