How to Write an Effective “Dear Host Family” Letter

/How to Write an Effective “Dear Host Family” Letter

An Au Pair’s profile includes a “Dear Host Family” letter which is available for Host Families to read. This is an opportunity for an Au Pair to not only to tell the Host Family their qualifications, but also show them their personality.

The following is a list of items you should include in your letter:

  • Who you are
  • About your family (brothers and sisters)
  • Hobbies/interests/likes/dislikes
  • Why you want to be an Au Pair
  • Child care experiences and personal stories
  • How you can help your Host Family
  • Things you’re looking forward to
  • Future plans

Be honest and friendly. This letter can help make a positive impression and put you ahead of other applicants. Help them get to know you better. This could help lead to further phone or video conferencing interviews with a potential family.

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