“They Said They Love Me” – Chinese Au Pair Thanks Former Host Family

/“They Said They Love Me” – Chinese Au Pair Thanks Former Host Family

I am Chunxue Pan from China, an au pair who lived in New Hampshire in 2018, and my host family had two kids, both are boys, they are twins, they are very cute, and I love them.

This is my second year in the U.S. as an au pair. I wrote this for my last host family, I know this sounds crazy, but last year I missed this opportunity to express my thoughts, and I am not good at saying thank you, so I wrote this letter just to show them how appreciative I am.

Chunxue says her Host Family made it easy to move to the USA for a year.

My Host Family Made Me Feel at Home in the U.S.

When I arrived in Boston,  it was very late, and my host parents and kids came to the airport to pick me up, and then brought me to a Chinese restaurant until midnight. I am really thankful for that, even they had lots of work to do during the day, and when I arrived, they prepared much stuff that I need in my bedroom, when I came there was winter, cold weather, and not too much friends,  not too many activities, I spent more time with them , we did many fun stuff, we traveled to Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, we were hiking together in white mountain national park, and pick up apples in the farm, and went to amusement park.

They treated me like a family member. My host mom helped me make friends, and when I just came, my English not very well, she helped me get my social security card, spent time with me for her bank card, also spent time with me to help me adapt to driving in the United States. I wanted to travel to Canada, she helped me translate documents, even my host mom hang out with Chinese friends, she was welcome me to join them, that’s so sweet.

We have lots of wonderful memories…

By the way, she cooks Chinese food is very yummy, when we travel, she helped me take many pictures. She knows what I like, and she gave to me the best gift when I leave, that was my favorite pictures, in the cup and on the book, I love it very much.

My host dad is nice to me, he was like joking, and if I did not really understand, my host mom would translate for me, and then I was laughing, but that was great, make me closer to them.

I love my host kids, they were very cute, and always try to let them eat more healthy good and learn more Chinese, and sometimes they said they love me is really sweet, even when I’m very strict about training them for good habits. Even now I am starting my second year in Houston, they sent me video there times, talk to me say miss me and love me, how lovely they are!

Thanks, Go Au Pair agency, for giving me this opportunity to express my thoughts to my last host family, and for helping me have a great experience in the U.S.

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