“I Now Have a New, Unconditional Family”

/“I Now Have a New, Unconditional Family”

My name is Gina Calderón, I live in Canada Flintridge California. It is my first time out of my country, I have been here for almost 8 weeks and my experience has been gratifying. I want to recognize the Kasondra family for this opportunity. I have felt like part of the family since I arrived. Day by day, I learn about their customs, beliefs, and how to educate their children in the best way.

My parents divorced when I was 3 years old…

To explain my nomination I will talk a little about myself. I never had a large family, my parents divorced when I was 3 years old and since then there just has been my mother and me, with two or three visits from my father per year. My grandfather passed away when I was 10 years old. I didn’t have enough time or maturity in age to tell him what he meant to me. The absence of my father was very hard, I have been always wondering about what it would be like to have that love.

My father never supports me, however, as soon as he knew about my trip he called me only to ruin my day. I felt very bad and had to restrain myself in front of the children. After that, at night Kishan, Rupa, and I had dinner together in the middle of an RV Park and talked about the day, I could not contain myself anymore and I told them. Their support made a difference in me, that day I recover the strength and motivation by which I undertook this trip and understood that I now have a new, unconditional family.

“I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to see this real Love day by day.”

Every day I learn a lot from them, mainly the value of the family. There are four children in the house baby Rheea is having a hard time at night and they are very patient. Kishan leaves the house very early in the morning at 4 a.m. and he returns at 4 pm, he is never, never tired for his children he is always sharing and playing with them or reading a book at bedtime, he is very helpful at dinner time.

Caring for 4 children is challenging, but it is totally a decision of love from Rupa and Kishan, together. Now I understand everything about the efforts parents do for their children. For this kind of love, there are no limits. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to see this real Love day by day. There is no poet or philosopher who has found the true meaning of love, but actions tell us what we need to know and feel.

I have no doubt that I have the best family in the world.

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Jenni is a former Go Au Pair employee who wrote about the amazing experiences Au Pairs and Host Families have in the United States Au Pair program.
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