Cultural Differences: Dish Liquid vs. Dish Detergent

/Cultural Differences: Dish Liquid vs. Dish Detergent

In America, we use lots of different types of soap. There is soap for dishes, soap for dish washers, soap for laundry, soap for hands, soap for body, soap for hair, soap for pets, soap for the car…the list goes on and on!

Something that is easy to get confused about is the difference between the soap for dishes that you wash by hand and the soap that goes in the dishwasher. The soap for the dishes that are washed by hand can usually be found on top of the sink and will say “dish liquid” on it. This is a gentle soap that is safe for hands and can make a lot of bubbles. So many bubbles in fact, if you put this dish liquid in the dishwasher, it can make the dishwasher overflow with bubbles! For the dishwasher, use “dish detergent”. This is a thicker soap that is more concentrated. You might find this in the cabinets under the sink or where chemicals are kept. There is usually a compartment where the dish detergent goes and then a little door that latches shut on top of it. The dishwasher will release the detergent during the cycle. Check back to learn how to use a dishwasher!

With all of the different types of soap, it is easy to get confused. Don’t be afraid to ask your host family, your LAR or your Au Pair Sis! We will all be happy to help you.


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