Which Au Pair Program is Right for Your Family?

We call it a cultural childcare experience and you're going to LOVE it!

Go Au Pair is a national Au Pair agency with active groups in more than 75 US cities, including Providence, RI. With the school year just beginning a couple months ago, many families struggled to find safe, affordable and reliable childcare, especially if they need some flexibility.

How many children in your family? I’ve got six, yes all singles. Childcare is expensive and our family has made sacrifices over the years, just like yours. Just one infant in a daycare center can be over twelve thousand dollars here in RI, and as much as thirteen and sixteen thousand annually in CT and MA, respectively, That’s a minimum, not to mention the price goes up if you have a toddler or children in school who need before/after care.

I am on a mission to educate parents about the exciting programs offered by Go Au Pair and other participating agencies. American families can host international visitors, trained and experienced young people ages 18-26 who are interested in learning about the American culture while providing your family flexible and reliable childcare combined with a culture exchange experience. We call it a cultural childcare experience.

Not every family has the extra bedroom for an Au Pair, but if you do, it is something to consider. Au Pairs can care for your children (ages 12 weeks and older) and do childcare-related tasks to help your family run smoother than ever. You and your kids will love learning about the language, traditions and culture of your Au Pair. You can choose from over 50 countries and nationalities! Families in RI, CT and MA can choose from a few different programs, but two are our most popular.

Standard Au Pair Program

Our Standard Program works best for families who need superior flexibility, especially single parents or families with two working parents, or even families with one parent who frequently travels. Standard Au Pairs can work up to 45 hours per week (not more than 10 hours per day) and handle the kids when you need them, before and after school, during the day, weekends, whatever your schedule requires. The average cost to families is $360 per week, including agency fees, stipend to the Au Pair and the educational contribution (Au Pairs take college classes during their program). Keep in mind you choose your candidates based on a number of factors, including skills you need, the language or culture you’re interested in and even the payment plan your family needs.

EduCare Au Pair Program

Our EduCare Program is designed for parents who don’t need the full 45 hours per week, but still want the cultural exchange experience for their kids. Educare Au Pairs work up to 30 hours per week and take additional college credits compared to Standard Au Pairs. The rules still apply as far as choosing your candidates, just that not all Au Pair candidates sign up for the part-time option. The average cost to families for the EduCare Program is $312 per week. Whether you choose a Standard or EduCare Au Pair, Au Pairs can care for all of your children for that same price!

Au Pairs are young, active and engaging. Kids love having a caregiver who will play with them, teach them new things and whom they can teach something too. In addition to childcare, Au Pairs can provide other childcare-related duties, too, like driving the kids to and from school or activities, supervising homework and chores, morning or evening routines, even doing the kids’ laundry and preparing/cleaning up light meals and snacks!

If you or a family you know would be interested, give me a call or visit our website to get started on your own. The RI, CT and MA area has a small but very friendly “cluster” of families and Au Pairs. We’d love you to join us!


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