Welcome Xuemeng “Steffi” to Providence, RI Cluster!

Welcome Chinese Au Pair Steffi to Go Au Pair Providence!

I am excited to share the news that Go Au Pair Providence has grown again! Earlier this month, Steffi arrived from China to her Host Family home in nearby CT. She will be caring for two young boys and exploring the Quiet Corner of CT, along with RI, MA (and hopefully lots of other places) for the next 12 months!


It is probably safe to say that Steffi is both nervous and eager to begin her wonderful journey as an Au Pair with her American Host Family. After all, she has been here for just under two weeks! Luckily, her English is very good, as long as we remember to slow down just a little bit! Here she is being silly in disguise:

IMG_1729 (1).JPG IMG_1734 (1).JPG

Last week, I visited Steffi and her Host Family to review the program guidelines, check on her well-being in her new home and offer myself and our local Au Pairs to be her friends. It is the first time for the family to host, and having just moved across the state, this mutually-beneficial, cultural-exchange-meets-flexible-childcare arrangement seemed to fit their family dynamics. If you know someone who might benefit from this great program, feel free to contact me or visit us online to learn more.

Steffi was kind enough to answer some questions about what made her decide to take this giant leap away from the comfort of home and what she expects to gain or learn this year.

  1. What made you want to become an Au Pair? I very like to get along with kids, And I want to experience difference cultures and learn about American parenting style. So that's why I want to be an Au pair.

  2. How does your experience in China prepare you? I worked as a volunteer in an orphanage. I take care of them everyday. This will help me take care of Alex and Henry.

  3. How has your Host Family welcomed you?  They prepared a nice room for me. Yesterday we went to the beach together and they took me to the Chinese restaurant. It was a happy day! We also went bowling together!

  4. What has surprised you about your American family? Nothing yet :)

  5. What, if any, fears do you have about living in America for a whole year? None!

  6. What kind of classes do you want to take (conversational English, travel courses, professional courses)?  I want to learn some course which can improve my English and I am very interested in the culture of South Korea and Spain. If I have the chance, I would like to learn some Korean and Spanish.

  7. What places in America would you like to visit?  If I have time, I would like to go to Seattle. I hear it's a beautiful place.

  8. What American activities would you like to try?  I like festivals, I heard that there are many festivals in America. Like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Christmas in China is like our new year day.

  9. What are your plans after your Au Pair experience?  My major is tourism English, so I want to be an English tour guide.

Steffi is in for an exciting year of childcare, college classes, Au Pair friends, new American friends, travel and much, much more! Please welcome Steffi and any other International visitors to our country. Show her the best of the American culture she has heard about and has now come to experience for herself. She will return home next year with a new idea of what is an American, American families and kids and American colleges. Help me in sharing the best of our best. Welcome, Steffi, and we wish you the very best in this coming year! Don’t hesitate to reach out to other Au Pairs, your Host Mom and me anytime you have questions or want to talk!

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