Providence, Please Welcome Aude from France!

Welcome Aude to Rhode Island!


Providence, RI is lucky enough to have an Au Pair joining us from the country of France. She will join her family in the Providence area until the end of next March, caring for and exploring Little Rhody with the two precious girls in her Host Family.


I wanted to share a little about 23 year old Aude (rhymes with food and mood), who hails from Lille, France, for those of you considering a cultural childcare experience for your family. She is the youngest of four girls and will care for two girls, almost 3 and just turned 4 years, full time, over the next year. She holds a masters degree in business law from France! She says she likes to read, swim, cycle and even has her boating license! The Ocean State is sure to be a great fit fit Aude!

Here is a series of questions Aude answered regarding her Au Pair experience so far:

Q:  What has been the best thing (or things) that have happened in your first 6 weeks?

A:  when girls told me "I love you" for the first time!

And by the way I enjoy every “first time” since my arrival in US (new place, new activity, new people ...)

Q:  What has been the worst thing (hopefully not too many) that has happened since your arrival?

A:  the rain and the changement of temperature during the same day (but it's normal in spring ahah )

And the coffee because I like dark and strong coffee!

Q:  Is it what you expected, so far?

A:  Yes, everything is as expected

Q:  What are you doing to fight homesickness?

I'm feel good so I haven't the impress to fight the homesickness ! But I think it's because I have no time for that ! When I don't work I stay with my host family or I visit  differents places in RI (and it's a beautiful state where there are a lot of things to see like Newport (I love Newport) , providence , beaches ...)

I practise sport (running at the Goddard park or I go to the gym because my host parents took me a subscription at their gym club and I participate a lot at fitness groups).

I go out for grab drinks with friends ou new people that can I meet.

I call my family and my friends when I can and organize video calls!

I think that the most important it's to be very active and not stay alone! But even if you are alone don't hesitate to visit,  practise activities and make plans!

Q:  How are you feeling? about the program? about your new town?

A:  I think the au pair program it's a good program and at present I have no issues ! But I think that the choice of the family is very important because the success of the program depends of that ! More than the choice of the place!

But I love the RI and my town! Americans are very welcoming  I love see squirrels everywhere (ahah) ! I live in the forest, near to the downtown of East Greenwich and it's a very peaceful and good place to live when you love nature!

Most places are 30 Minutes by car of many place all over the RI (providence 20-25 min, Newport, beaches, westerly and watch hill...) and it's easy to move but you definitely need a car !!

Q:  Do you have specific places you want to visit while in the US?

A:  I plan to visit Boston as soon as possible, NYC, Washington DC, Niagara Falls and maybe the Canada a little, Chicago if I can ! And after during my travel month I plan to make a road trip in the south (Miami - New Orleans - Nevada / Arizona (Grand Canyon, Las Vegas) and California!

Q:  Do you have specific activities you want to do while here?

A:  Take courses at the university and integrate groups to meet people, see the Super Bowl 2018 if I can or a baseball match ! Be a volunteer to rescue animals !

Q:  What would you tell someone considering being an Au Pair?

A:  you will spend a lot of the time with the family and children (45h per week it's a lot) so you have to take this in consideration! You are not here just for fun and travels because you have a few days off but you have a real job!

Take time to choose your family it's very very important and ask a lot of questions ! I am lucky because I have a good family but now I know all the questions that you had to ask before to know if you would be happy one year with them!

Be an au pair isn't like you were a babysitter because you live with children every time and you spend all your time with them , so you really need to like work with kids ! But I am sure that the relationship that you can create is unique and if at the beginning it could be difficult to be accept by your host kids after  you will Love them forever!

I am pretty sure that it will be an unforgettable adventure!

I am pretty sure Aude is going to make the most of her year and have a fabulous time doing it! I am very hopeful that she will take her responsibilities to her Host Family and the program seriously and successfully complete a year (maybe two) in the Au Pair Program. Thank you to her Host Family for giving Go Au Pair and Aude a chance to give you and your girls a cultural childcare experience of a lifetime! Welcome, Aude!


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