Pool Party by the Bay!

Providence cluster: Marcela (Colombia), Joan (GoAuPair LAR), Aude (France) and Jenni (Colombia)


The Providence cluster of Go Au Pair spent a lovely Saturday afternoon at the home of a generous local Host Family who hosted a pool party. Thank you very much for opening your home to us! What a fabulous time we had and what fantastic weather Mother Nature provided for the day! Go Au Pair Providence and the families from Providence’s Montessori Community School were invited to mingle together.


Here are a few shots of the gorgeous grounds and views:

Resized_20170812_145456.jpg Resized_20170812_145506.jpg Resized_20170812_145221.jpg Resized_20170812_150035.jpg Resized_20170812_162916.jpg

Party pizza is a RI original, mostly loved by our international visitors. RI’s party pizza is a cold, cheeseless delight which may sound unappealing, but is practically addicting. Many children were in attendance and dominated the pool for the first hour or two. That was fine, since the girls and I were busily chatting about their placements, social lives, education experiences and even future plans. We talked about the responses on the questionnaire I had emailed them last week and decided on our next couple of events, we think.


With so many ideas and such short time, we tried to narrow down a best and worst day for events, without total consensus. Two votes for Saturday, one vote for Sunday. We have decided on trying to squeeze in a beach day before the end of summer, a restaurant dinner in September to welcome Steffi, our new Au Pair from China, and a fall event in October before Marcela’s two years are complete!


We also had a bit of news. Marce will not be returning to her home country of Colombia in November. She will be marrying and making a new permanent home in Providence! Congratulations, Marcela and many, many wishes for the best in your new American dream!


Thank you again to Marce’s Host Family for sharing their home and family with Go Au Pair.


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