Healthy and Happy Halloween from Go Au Pair RI

Halloween should be safe, not scary! Find non-food-giving homes in RI and review driving safety before Halloween night!

Au Pairs may be experiencing their very first Halloween! Some Au Pairs are very new to the country and are very excited to experience American holidays, even not-really-holidays like Halloween.

I want to share some information here which may be helpful to both parents and Au Pairs. Not every family celebrates in the same way. Be sure to explain to your Au Pair what Halloween looks like at your house. Maybe you take the kids out for an hour and then give candy out at the door, or maybe you prefer the popular trunk-or-treat, Halloween party or school-sponsored activity instead. Be sure your Au Pair knows what to expect and where he or she fits in the picture.

Some kids have allergies or their parents don’t want them eating ten pounds of sugary candy over the next few weeks. There is an option. FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) offers an online interactive map for families to find homes that are giving out non-candy and non-food Halloween treats. That’s right! Visit their website to get actual addresses and locations of houses you can stop at and get treats for your allergy-sensitive kids.

The second bit of information is for anyone driving on Halloween. This might be Host Parents, Au Pairs, or even teenagers. Obviously, more care needs to be taken when hundreds of children will be walking the streets around dusk. Accidents will happen when drivers get distracted. Keep your head up, eyes on the street and your surroundings. It is more important than ever to put the electronic devices down!

On Halloween, kids are everywhere. They are walking on sidewalks, yes, but also in the street, in the median and all along the curb. Be careful! Enter and exit driveways, streets and alleys more carefully than ever. Be aware of kids in dark clothing, especially around dusk and after dark. Avoid driving that night at all if you are an inexperienced driver, or the newly-licensed teen in your family fits this description. Halloween is not the night to test your skills or let your teen drive the kids around town.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, have a ghoulishly good time and owl see you soon!


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