Go Au Pair Powered by Steam!

Providence cluster Host Families and Au Pairs visited B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill in Mystic, CT for some steamy, fall fun!

Providence-area Host Families and Au Pairs came out this weekend for some steamy, fall fun! We ventured to the southern tip of our cluster's boundaries to visit the oldest steam-powered cider press in the country! The shed at B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill was steamy and smelled of apples, but the bakery shop and wine-tasting were popular stops, too.

Go Au Pair Providence visited the National Historic Landmark for another of our Family Conference Days for 2015. Each Local Area Representative, that's me, holds at least two events each year for the families and au pairs in our group to meet and share some time. Earlier this year, we ice skated in Providence and visited our world-class zoo as well. This time, we found a delicious stop in this seasonal location which all the locals seemed to know about; the parking lot was full, as was the road for 500 feet in both directions on North Stonington Road in Old Mystic, CT.

We were just a hop, skip and a jump (literally less than 5 miles) from the famous Mystic Pizza, made famous by the 1988 film it inspired. We were so full from the delectable treats homemade at Clyde's that pizza just didn't appeal. Clyde's had cream cheese-filled pumpkin muffins, apple struesel muffins, cranberry bars, apple-cider donuts, warm, mulled apple cider, just to name what we bought! They also had fresh kettle corn cooking outside, as well as a number of tables set up with local favorites like maple syrup and maple candies, beef jerky, local honey, pies and much, much more!

We had families and au pairs attending the event, making our group total a lucky thirteen! We shared our snacks, watched the sixth generation of the Clyde family running their cider press, and even tasted some fine hard ciders!  Au Pairs and Host Families alike enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and lovely peak colors of our New England forests. We also wished Gloria, an au pair from Colombia who is returning home next month, a safe and happy journey home and into her future!

Funny topics that also came up were the fact that American families, in general, eat a very boring and bland diet! I might be guilty of this - hamburger once a week, spaghetti once a week, chicken once a week, etc. Some foods that au pairs were tired of eating were frozen pizza, oatmeal with maple syrup, and fajitas! I guess we could be more adventurous in the kitchen (au pairs do open up our after-work schedule a little bit).

Au pairs also shared how much they have loved meeting so many new people in such a short time, discovering the friendliness of strangers and getting to travel and see the many sides of our country. All the au pairs agreed that our country is actually so big that there are several different "cultures" within our 50 states! Au pairs also agreed that to meet people, they needed to get out of their rooms, get social and take advantage of opportunities like during/after class and just exploring the community with an open mind. Thank you to all the families and au pairs who came out Saturday morning!

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