Could the Au Pair Program Fit YOUR Family?

Go Au Pair offers childcare options from around the world to fit YOUR family! Choose Go Au Pair Providence today!

Attention Southern New England parents! If you are currently paying for childcare or are arranging childcare in the near future, consider Go Au Pair and the Au Pair Program. We are a respected and established national agency, since 1989, who sponsors your Au Pair’s Visa and handles all the logistics for American families who want more than just childcare. That’s right, the Au Pair Program does provide up to 45 hours per week of flexible childcare (or up to 30 hours for our EduCare, or part-time option). In addition, this exciting live-in cultural exchange program provides your family, you and your children, with a first-hand cultural childcare experience like no other.

Your Au Pair comes to you, via T.F. Greene, speaking English (rated out of 5), childcare experienced and trained, including safety training, ready to jump in and learn about America while sharing his or her culture and language with the whole family! You, the Host Family, choose your Au Pair based on criteria to fit your needs, interest and lifestyle.  Your Au Pair lives with you for a year, up to 2 years, while becoming an extended family member and providing childcare-related services for your children.

How will you know if your family is a good fit? Ask yourself what is most important in your childcare provider.

If safety is your top priority, we have candidates who are CPR certified, First Aid certified, both, and some with professional medical degrees. We provide both Host Families and Au Pairs with Success Workbooks, outlining best practices for all. We have new and experienced parents who value safety most for their children and find Au Pairs to be vigilant and responsible.

If your priority is someone with experience with babies, since you’re leaving yours for the first time, we have candidates who are Infant Qualified. This means the candidate has a minimum of 200 hours of documented service caring for unrelated children age two and below. In fact, we have many candidates with well over the minimum, some with literally thousands of hours of experience with babies! Just ask second year RI Au Pair Marce about life with the twins and their big brother!

If a priority of childcare for your kids is engaging rather than just babysitting, we have hundreds of eager candidates waiting to learn from and teach your children. Go Au Pair candidates are active, interested, and willing to play with your kids, teach them songs or tell them stories, or even take them to events and activities. South African Au Pair Maryke and Argentinian Au Pair Franco are great examples, who left their Host Children with many happy memories.

If you value diversity, acceptance and appreciation for cultures of the world, we have Au Pairs from over 50 countries! Perhaps you’d like the kids to “return to their roots” a bit. Host an Au Pair from the homeland of your ancestors or from a country about which you want to learn more. Each month we feature a different country and our Au Pair candidates from there. Your kids could be speaking Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin or even Afrikaans by summer!

How does this all work? Register with Go Au Pair Providence, search for candidates with the skills, language, culture and lifestyle you’d like, and begin interviewing via Skype, FaceTime, phone and email. If you both agree, it’s a Mutual Match and he or she visits their local embassy. Six weeks from now, he or she could be taking the kids to Galilee or bike-riding on the Bike Path. Contact me, Joan Lowell, your RI-area representative, at 401.309.1925 or I am happy to answer your questions about the program in CT, MA and RI. Host Families are responsible for agency fees, Au Pair stipend and education contribution. On average, the cost to you is about $7.98 per hour or $359 per week for the full time option. Contact me for details or register online to get started today.

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