Saying goodbye to 2017 Au Pair in Excellency Valentine

Valentine, Au Pair from France, joined Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia, NJ and Bucks County area last year. Six months later, Valentine became 2017 Au Pair in Excellency Go Au Pair winner!  Valentine said, " I am very proud to be 2017 Au Pair in Excellency and it is something that I was not expecting! I like to think that I am the way I am because of my host kids. They are the best, so I try to be the best au pair and sister that they deserve".

We interview our new Au Pairs when they join the cluster. Back then Valentina said " I love taking care of children,  face new challenges and gain some perspective about my own life when I’m in another country." It is obvious that Valentine faced a lot of challenges helping a single, self-employed grandmother who has had custody of her two granddaughters 10 and 3. The grandmother said, " I was almost forced to put them in foster care because I just did not think I could do it by myself anymore .... and Valentine has become our godsend".

We interviewed Valentine again, before saying goodbye, and asked her a few questions about her experience with the Au Pair Program. Valentine said, "During this year I learned lots of things. One of them is to be very patient with your host kids, it really works and they do appreciate that. I tried giving them as much attention as I could, listened to them talking, being kind... It was a thing that I wanted to do because I know how it is to be a kid and I wanted them to feel loved and know that they are important to me.

The new things I experienced while being in the US as an au pair were traveling with friends for the first time, going to music festivals or concerts, visiting incredible places and making friends from all around the world!
Yes I really liked my experience in the USA because I will keep in mind all the positive, the friends I am lucky to have found here and the beautiful memories and things I got to do in less than a year. I built an amazing relationship with my host kids and cannot wait for them to come visit me.

I wish the best of luck to my friends and future au pairs because they will need it ahah! I hope they will have a great time in the US and find the perfect match with their families.
And Polina, thank you for helping me and I wish you luck too because it's probably not easy to be there for us all the time but you're doing good!"

Time to say goodbye, :-(   Valentine, it was a very special year for you! You faced a lot of challenges, learned new things, made many international friends, gained two sisters, and became 2017 Au Pair in Excellency -you accomplished a lot!  The memories of being an Au Pair in the US will last a lifetime. Good luck with a new chapter in your life. We wish you the best!

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