A spontaneous Cultural Event turned into a lovely evening!

How to beat the heat in Las Vegas

 It was just a few days before Krystal was due to arrive back into Las Vegas after spending a few months in Reno with her Go Au Pair host family.  I thought, wow, this is the time to do a cultural event since miraculously our other two au pairs are in town.  Both Thuong and Maria have families who like to travel A LOT!!  I thought we would give paddle boarding a try.  Well, scheduling these things on a Monday night apparently is not very easy.  First of all, Krystal's family decided to extend their stay and then there were some conflicts of schedule with Thuong and I was afraid I would need to cancel our event.  BOO!! I contacted her host mom, Minh to ask if Thuong could get out any earlier, they actually live on Lake Las Vegas which is where the rental company is located. Minh responded with 'we have kayaks and, use ours!'.  WIN!!  Our scheduling conflict worked itself out and we also didn't have to be restricted to a 1 hour window.  


Now unfortunately, all four of the au pairs in Las Vegas live on EXACT opposite corners of our not so very large city.  And, none of them drive.  This makes the life of a LAR somewhat interesting.  Maria lives on my side of town, on the way to Lake Las Vegas so I picked her up and we enjoyed plenty of time in the car to chat and get acquainted better. She just arrived one and a half months ago from Paraguay.  


Once we arrived at Thuong's house we set up for our journey.  Unfortunately, the wind had picked up substantially so paddle boarding was no longer a good idea but we braved the waters with kayaks instead.  Let me tell you, these girls are STRONG!  We paddled into the wind, against the current where we beached on the lovely shores of the Westin Hotel.  There we enjoyed a lovely picnic I had packed with salami, prosciutto, cheese, crackers, lemoncello soda and fruit bars. Mind you, it was probably over 100 degrees and apparently we weren't supposed to be there.  Somehow, we got to sit for a half an hour or so and eventually made our way back to Thuong's home.  On our way back we got to enjoy an amazing, colorful sunset.  A perfect way to end our evening.  


With each cultural event I'm learning more and more.  It was unfortunate that Krystal could not attend but we are proactively planning an exact date and event for our next get together.  Our fourth au pair will be arriving in town just before then as well.  Stay tuned for our night on the town to see a Las Vegas show!!


If you are ever in Las Vegas and you'd like to try paddle boarding.  The company I use for my own personal outings is Lake Las Vegas Water Sports.  I suggest checking Groupon ahead of time for some good deals.  



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