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Why Go Au Pair

With over 20 years of experience in the child care industry, Go Au Pair knows how important an exceptional workforce is to provide extraordinary service to our clients. Local Area Representatives play a critical role in Host Family and Au Pair satisfaction and help ensure the success of the Au Pair Program.

Working for Go Au Pair as a contractor has numerous benefits. Support, training, competitive rewards and the knowledge that you are helping increase our country’s diplomatic relations are just a few.

Corporate Support

As a Local Area Representative, you have direct access to our entire team at our corporate office. Our friendly staff is always available to help you answer questions about U.S. Department of State Regulations, marketing, flights, conflict resolution and more.

Regional Team Leads

As a Local Area Representative, you will have a Regional Team Lead whose job is to supervise you. Your Regional Team lead is an experienced professional with the Au Pair program. She is available to help you find the best techniques to help you find new families, hold fun and exciting Au Pair activities and find the best ways to assist Go Au Pair’s Host Families. You also enjoy the great network of other Local Area Representatives in your region you can contact for ideas and questions.

Quarterly Trainings

Each quarter all of our Local Area Representatives participate in skill enhancement training. Training topics include customer service, Au Pair activities, marketing, referrals, conflict resolution, Host Family satisfaction and more.

We strive to consistently provide opportunities for our Local Area Representatives to improve their skills and knowledge as valuable professionals.

Consistent Communication

As a Local Area Representative, you are always aware of the latest news regarding Go Au Pair. You receive regular newsletters with news, marketing and customer service tips and more. You also have access to our skilled Placement Coordinators to help answer any questions you may have.

Incentive Program

Go Au Pair values the hard work and effort put forth by every employee and contractor. In addition to base compensation, every Local Area Representative can participate in our incentive program. We offer competitive incentives for marketing, referrals and recruitments. You have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars worth of rewards.

Local Area Representative Portal

As a Local Area Representative, you have access to your own online portal. You can manage your Host Family and Au Pair’s contact information, submit billing for the month, and report your contacts with your Au Pairs and Host Families all from your portal. Within the portal, you will also find a knowledgebase full of answers to Au Pair and Host Family questions, U.S. Department of State regulations and more. It’s a great resource for every Local Area Representative.

Improving Diplomatic Relations

The Au Pair program is mutually beneficial for Host Families, Local Area Representatives and Au Pairs. All participants learn about other countries, cultures, languages and even foods. Erase stereotypes and diffuse misconceptions through the personal connections the Au Pair program creates.