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Who are Local Area Representatives?

Local Area Representatives are fun, hard working contract employees of Go Au Pair who want Au Pairs and Host Families to have a successful cultural and child care experience. 

As the “face” of Go Au Pair, Local Area Representatives build close personal relationships with both Host Families and Au Pairs. A desire to represent yourself and the company in a positive manner is a must. You are an important, valuable role of the company!

One of the most important traits you can have as great Local Area Representative is your excitement - excitement to show American culture to foreign young adults, excitement to help Host Families with this unique child care option and excitement to spread the word about the Au Pair program.

You might be a great Local Area Representative if:

  • You love where you live and are excited to share it with visitors
  • You appreciate other cultures and their differences
  • You have a take charge attitude
  • You can listen to both sides of a conflict
  • You like to help people
  • You believe in Au Pair child care
  • You crave the energy which can only come from young people experiencing the U.S. for the first time

What do Local Area Representatives do?

The primary responsibility of a Local Area Representative is to monitor and support Au Pairs and Host Families living in the local area. The Department of State regulations require a few specifics that are required for the position. One of the main requirements is that you must live within 60 minutes of your Host Families and their Au Pairs.

However, working closely with Go Au Pair’s corporate office you have the creative freedom to take the position as far as you would like to go with it. Below is a list of responsibilities as a Local Area Representative.
  • Provide information to potential Host Families and providing consistent follow-up
  • Conduct monthly phone contacts with Au Pairs and Host Families in your area
  • Interview new Host Families in their home
  • Conduct an orientation shortly after an Au Pair’s arrival in the Host Family’s home
  • Plan a minimum of six activities per year for the Au Pairs in your area and also at least two family activities
  • Work in cooperation with headquarters for business development
  • Maintain consistent communication with Host Families and Au Pairs
  • Conflict resolution, issue management and issue monitoring
  • Accurately explain business policies and Department of State regulations regarding the Au Pair program
  • Demonstrate expertise and knowledge in business processes and operations
  • Demonstrate expertise and knowledge in various local area items
  • Maintain quality and accuracy of internal business processes
  • Ability and willingness to continuously execute marketing initiatives handed down by headquarters
  • Provide year-round support to both Host Families and Au Pairs
  • Have self motivation,
  • Be sales driven and professional at all times