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What is an International Representative

Go Au Pair partners with International Representatives in over 50 countries around the world to bring the most qualified and well-trained Au Pairs into the United States. In order to increase the number of available Au Pair through Go Au Pair, we have partnered with numerous International Representatives around the world.

International Representatives represent Go Au Pair in their local country. Each representative takes care of the marketing for and recruitment of new Au Pair candidates. After recruiting new Au Pair candidates, our International Representatives help the Au Pairs through an extensive screening process to ensure only the most qualified Au Pairs participate in the program.

After the screening and application process, International Representatives facilitate Go Au Pair’s new and comprehensive 32 hour Au Pair training. Through this training Au Pairs will increase their knowledge and experience, while improving their understanding of child care in the United States.

International Representatives play a vital role in the placement of their Au Pairs. In addition to helping the Au Pairs through the screening and application process, they also help Au Pairs prepare for phone interviews with Host Families as well as assisting them in all the preparation for embassy interviews.