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Want to be an Au Pair?

Want to be an Au Pair?

What is Au Pair Child Care?

Au Pair child care is a unique opportunity to provide your family with full-time, live-in child care through a life-changing cultural exchange experience.

How does Au Pair Child Care work?

As a pre-screened international young adult from the country of your choice, your Au Pair is a qualified care provider that you hand select to come and live with your family for up to two years.  He or she becomes an extended member of your family and is personally invested in the happiness, well being and success of your children.

What role does Go Au Pair Play in this process?

The Au Pair Program is regulated by the Department of State and is a cultural exchange visitor program.  Only designated agencies like Go Au Pair can legally bring Au Pairs into the U.S.; we handle all of the logistics and paperwork. 
Unlike other forms of child care, where you are often limited in options, Go Au Pair allows you to create a custom solution based on your family’s specific needs by offering you choices in:

How is Au Pair Child Care Different from Nannies and Daycare?

When parents find out that the typical Host Family pays about $7.98 an hour for personalized live-in care, many are often surprised at just how affordable and flexible Au Pair childcare really is. Learn more about the advantages of Au Pair child care as compared to nannies and daycares:

Au Pair vs. Nanny vs. Daycare