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Ailyn Castillo - Au Pair in Excellence Nomination 2012

Hello, we are the LEONARD Family from Ocala, Florida…and we’d like to nominate our Au Pair (Ailyn Castillo) for “Au Pair of the Year”…because quite simply SHE’s the BEST!!

And seeing as Ailyn is now our fifth Au Pair in a little over 5 years…we consider ourselves seasoned veterans now… and we believe that we have a bit of a track record to base this on.

We have actually been very fortunate and had many great experiences with some of our previous Au Pairs…as we have spanned the globe and already enjoyed hosting young ladies from Germany, Poland, South Africa and Argentina in the past.

But it is Ailyn (who is from Panama) who really takes the cake!

Ailyn is responsible for our 3 children…including Lewis (who will turn 9 in March), he’s the sensitive one in the bunch…and Josie (she will turn 7 in April), she’s the one with the “strong will” in this group…and Andrew (who just turned 3 in December) who is part “energizer bunny” and part “Tazmanian devil”…and she performs a myriad of roles as our Au Pair.

And just to give you a bit more background about our family dynamics…my name is Troy and I am the co-owner of my own Advertising & Publishing Firm and my job requires that I travel approximately 30 – 40% of the time…and my wife (Lynn) is employed by Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL as a nurse anesthetist, and she works 3 days-a-week (her normal shift is a 12-hour workday)…thus requiring Ailyn to do some “heavy lifting” from time-to-time.

Ailyn has many positive attributes, but if I was asked to appear on the David Letterman Show and shout out our “Top 10 Reasons Why Ailyn Castillo Should Win the Au Pair of the Year Contest”…it would probably go something like this.

Ailyn Castillo, Au Pair from Panama1) She has a great ATTITUDE!  She gets up every day with a smile on her face…helps us get the kids dressed for school and feeds them breakfast…and shares morning carpool duties with us.

2) She is RESPONSIBLE…RELIABLE…and DEPENDABLE.  Okay, I realize that’s actually 3 things, but they all fall (basically) in the same category. And this one is probably worth exclaiming 3-times over…as we can’t say enough about the importance of having someone like Ailyn in our household that can be trusted to care for our children (and do the right thing and use smart judgment)…no matter what the situation might be.

3) She is INTELLIGENT (she is a college graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering).  But not only is she “book smart”…but she possesses “common sense” as well.  And she is a big help when it comes to helping the kids with their homework in the evenings.  She has also been helping us teach the kids a second language (Spanish)…and all 3 of them have broadened their scope since Ailyn arrived about 5 months ago.

4) She is ORGANIZED.  After having been through 4 other Au Pairs prior to Ailyn’s arrival…and managing a busy household with 3 kids…we have found that this particular quality is essential.  It is not uncommon in our household to have all 3 kids going in 3 different directions (for tennis lessons, golf lessons, piano lessons, birthday parties for a classmate, etc.)…all at that same time.

5) She is ATHLETIC…and loves to “play with the kids.”  She has a knack for soccer, basketball and football (just to name a few)…and can often be found outside playing in the backyard with the kids…including some of the kids from across the street.

6) She is SOCIAL…and she interacts well with others…whether it is with our extended family, the neighbors, or the parents of our kid’s classmates.  This is another very important attribute that Ailyn possesses…as we are a very outgoing family…and we like our Au Pair to feel like a part of the family (and to interact with us on a day-to-day basis).  And Ailyn has done this…since day one that she joined us.  The transition has literally been seamless.

7) She is a LOVING person…constantly showing love and affection towards our 3 kids.  The kids all love Ailyn back and treat her as if she is a member of our family (like a big sister).

8) She is also a NURTURING personality…which compliments the “loving side” of her personality.

9) She is HELPFUL…she never complains about the workload, and often steps in to help with “small tasks” that are not on her “to do list”…but she is glad to pitch in when she senses either one of us might need a helping hand. Once again, another attribute that probably deserves “double bonus points” as too often it seems that many young people today only feel inclined to do the bare minimum…versus going the extra mile!

10) And finally, she displays INITIATIVE!  Whether it be exceling in her English class…or showing eagerness to learn how to cook a new dish (alongside my wife)…she is constantly seeking ways to improve herself.
I could go on a bit longer, but this rounds out our Top 10 List and should give you a fairly comprehensive overview of OUR FAVORITE Au Pair…and hopefully it also makes a strong case for why (in our humble opinion) we believe that AILYN CASTILLO should be recognized as Go Au Pair’s “Au Pair of the Year” for 2011.

Ailyn Castillo, Au Pair

We’d just like to say thanks in advance for giving us this opportunity to “brag a bit” about our Au Pair…and considering her as one of the candidates for this prestigious award.

TEAM LEONARD (Troy, Lynn, Lewis, Josie & Andrew)

Posted: 4/9/2012 1:16:12 PM by Bryan Alexander
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