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Younger Au Pairs versus Older Au Pairs

What are good reasons to choose a young Au Pair or an older Au Pair? Is one better than another - or is it all the same?  If you ask this question to any number of Host Families you are going to get very different answers. This is one topic people seem to have very differing opinions about. Some of the reasons I have heard seem more concrete than others.
Often families say they choose from a pool of older Au Pairs for maturity. If maturity means responsibility then they may not want to eliminate younger Au Pairs, just yet.  Many young Au Pairs prove to be just as responsible, or more so in some cases, than their older counterparts. If “maturity” means more actual hours of experience in areas like driving, or time with infants, or in some additional education than the older Au Pairs might be a fit.
Another interesting angle is the drinking age in the US is different than in most other countries. The younger Au Pairs will not be able to drink. Some families will choose their Au Pair so they don’t have the chance to drink during their time here. Other families will pick a younger Au Pair because they feel like they will relate better with their children, like an older sibling might.
When choosing Au Pairs based on their age, look for tangible takeaways. Narrowing the search with too much criteria can keep the Host Family from finding an Au Pair who could be the perfect fit for the family.

Posted: 4/23/2014 11:19:37 AM by Summer Blackhurst
Joan Lowell
Age is just a number, and Host Families should consider this before they count out some great au pair candidates. No matter the age, the best au pairs will show interest from the beginning. Let the deal-breakers narrow the field, not age limits.
4/24/2014 10:10:12 AM
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