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Preparing First Time Host Families

Talking to first time Host Families, you can almost feel the nerves before they bring in their first Au Pair. “What if we’ve chosen wrong?  What will it be like having a foreigner live with us? Are we totally crazy bringing in someone to live with us that we have never met in person?”
I think the fear of not knowing is one of the reasons other families stick with more traditional childcare options. Because Go Au Pair has matched thousands of Au Pairs and Host Families, we know the live-in benefits of using Au Pair childcare is worth taking the leap.
The best way to cool the nerves of a new Host Family is to have them talk to another Host Family. The best way to help them secure the right match is to have them talk their Local Area Representative and Office Placement Coordinator. Consulting the office and area representatives before and after interviews with the Au Pairs, gives Host Families the opportunity to share concerns with seasoned experts. Ultimately, the family may need to be willing to change their original matching criteria to find someone who may be a better match.
Many Host Families have found solace in reaching out for advice and not trying to do it all alone. The Local Area Representatives and Placement Coordinators have been through the process and know some of the things to watch out for to prevent bad matches. These conversations will build confidence in the program so new Host Families can have a childcare experience that will create life-long friendships and stronger parent/child relationships.

Posted: 3/26/2014 11:22:24 AM by Summer Blackhurst
Joan Lowell
I get calls all the time from potential host families who are afraid of committing to this experience, but when they do, they love it! Live-in childcare is not for everyone, but when you have great coaches like the Placement Coordinators in our office and the dynamic LARs in your local area, the experience is a win-win for everyone!
4/2/2014 8:11:24 AM
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