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I never knew how much work goes into raising children. I guess I never thought about how many times I asked my own mom to get me a drink of water, or waited at the table for a dinner she made, or took for granted that my clothes were folded in my drawer when I went to pick some out.  These were just a few of many of tasks she did everyday for me, just one of her six children.
Now that I am a mom, I am starting to see the back end of things and it spells WORK. I can see now why there are entire movements to get moms to slow down. If left to chance, moms could miss building relationships with their kids and they would definitely miss taking time to recharge their own batteries. Who has extra time to do these things when you are folding the laundry and changing diapers and cleaning your kid’s room?
The beauty of having an Au Pair is, when you are gone somebody else folds the children’s clothes and keeps their room clean and cooks for them. An Au Pair helps so when you get home you can just be mom. Another benefit is if the Au Pair has hours left open at the end of the week, often you can take time for yourself or take a date night with your significant other. Finally, while I’m sure raising children will always spell WORK, an Au Pair can offset some of the work so you can spend quality time with your kids and recharge. 

Posted: 4/3/2014 1:14:34 PM by Summer Blackhurst
Joan Lowell
My mom recently told me that mothering does not end when the child reaches age 18, and then I needed her to take care of me after a medical emergency. Moms are always moms, and thank goodness for an extra set of hands sometimes, whether it be your own mom or an au pair. Kids are hard work and we are only human. Accepting help so one can recharge is hard too, but necessary.
4/16/2014 7:28:06 AM
Even though I'm not a mom, I have been babysitting and nannying for so long that I can completely understand!
4/7/2014 8:41:55 PM
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