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Childcare and Cultural Exchange

There is nothing in this world like living with someone from another country. In so many ways you can compare nannies to daycare to Au Pairs, but there is one thing that is incomparable and unmatchable in the Au Pair match; the culture exchange is one of a kind.
Au Pairs are for families who want to reconnect with their heritage, or Host Parents who originally came from another country to the US and now want their children to connect to their home country. Au Pairs are for families who want to broaden their horizons or for those who want to teach their children how another culture lives.
Finally, Au Pairs are for the families who want to give their children a leg up in their educational endeavors and use their Au Pair to teach their kids a second language. Having a native speaker in the home is the most effective way to teach another language.
Au Pairs beat out the competition when you are talking culture. There is no competition. It is a unique spin on childcare that forges life-long bonds with individuals from half way around the world. So if you don’t choose Au Pairs because they are more cost effective, offer more flexibility or possess a more diverse skill set, choose Au Pairs for the cultural immersion they’ll provide for you and your family.

Posted: 4/1/2014 2:46:58 PM by Summer Blackhurst
Julie Miner
Experiencing a different culture is such an amazing experience! Especially when you can share that experience with a host family, their children and other au pairs in your city. GoAupair provides such a wonderfully unique program!
5/7/2014 10:56:33 AM
Polina Kravets
I agree, the Au Pair program helps learn about another culture. I will even say, it helps learn about others cultures.
The Au Pairs meetings and Host Families Day Conference bring many cultures together. Also, we are always looking forward to the Cultural Festivals. Last Sunday, the Philadelphia and NJ cluster of Go Au Pair joined an annual Japanese festival at Fairmount park of Philly. That was a great event. Read what Au Pair Ophelia says about it on her diary
4/14/2014 11:13:06 AM
Joan Lowell
Great job pointing out all the benefits of hosting an au pair. I love how you say what kind of families are a great match for the Au Pair Program! It is definitely more than just childcare, and I don't know a single family who couldn't use just a little help!
4/2/2014 7:41:34 AM
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