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How to know the right Au Pair for your family

What really matters when selecting the right Au Pair for you?  Driving, culture, age, education? These are a few of the big ones. A few “deal makers” or “deal breakers” in the matching process for families. Some things on your list should be more flexible, while others should be non-negotiable.

There is no perfect formula for finding the right Au Pair. One family might choose based on driving because they need their Au Pair to drive kids back and forth to school, another might choose a Spanish speaking Au Pair because they want their child to speak Spanish fluently. One family might choose the older Au Pair in hopes to get someone with more education, or experience. Another family may choose a younger Au Pair, because they don’t have to worry about drinking issues.
No matter the reasoning behind matching pre-requisites, families should avoid selecting Au Pairs based on inaccurate stereotypes: Europeans are partiers, Latins are loud, younger Au Pairs are less independent, Chinese won’t spend any money, and the list goes on. Stay away from making matching decisions based on loose stereotypes.
Decide based on the your most important priorities and then go from there. Families are pleasantly surprised to find they can have an amazing experience one year with someone from Germany and the next with someone from Brazil. They can form lasting bonds with a 26 year old and an 18 year old. No one Au Pair is the same - get to know them personally.
The most important aspect when choosing the right Au Pair for your family is you get along with them and they love your children. The next qualification should be your matching “deal breakers.” Finally, other Au Pair classifications may be less important than you originally assumed. Be flexible. If you’re not finding the right Au Pair, re-evaluate your list. Some Au Pairs will surprise you.

Posted: 11/18/2013 1:06:45 PM by Summer Blackhurst
Julie Miner
Great post! I read your blog and then wrote my own blog about how the au pairs decide what family is the right match for them. Same as with host families, an au pair's list is important, but it seems like its more of a "feeling" when the au pair finds the right family.
12/4/2013 9:09:47 AM
Joan Lowell
So true that each family has their own list, but how to come up with that list? I gave my readers a few pointers on how to decide if an Au Pair is right for them and how to start that list of deal-breakers and flexible "wants." I think many more families would be surprised to see how their lives can change with an Au Pair!
11/19/2013 5:03:22 AM
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