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  Welcome Au Pairs!

Welcome Au Pairs

This is a very exciting time in your life! You are at the very beginning of your journey to America and will soon meet your American family and new friends. You may be wondering what it will be like when you arrive and you want to prepare yourself as best you can prior to your arrival.

The Au Pairs that have come before you have taken the time to share their experience with Au Pair Sis to offer you some advice and some tips to get you started.


1. Connect with Au Pair Sis

Au Pair Lola Carthy says, “I really like that there is someone on your side…you are not alone in the United States.

You can connect with Au Pair Sis on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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2. Stay Connected with your Host Family

Congratulations on matching with your Host Family! You may have some time before you arrive, but it is important to stay connected with them during this time.

Au Pair Luise talks about how it was important to her that she is a member of the family, so she asked questions to her family that gave insight on what kind of relationship they wanted with their Au Pair.



3. Do Some Research Online

Before you arrive, you can familiarize yourself with the area that you will be living in and even begin connecting with other Au Pairs.

Au Pair Caroline found it helpful to locate churches in the area, things to do and transportation. She also found Au Pair experience videos and Facebook groups really helpful.

4. Improve your English

If English is not your first language, don’t worry! Most Au Pairs who speak very little English when they arrive will be able to speak it fluently within 1 month.

Au Pair Martha tried to think in English as much as possible, read books she enjoyed in English and watch TV and movies in English.



5. Brush up on Skills-

When you arrive in America, you will learn many new skills and have a chance to brush up on skills you already have.

Au Pair Ophelia advises that Au Pairs prepare for the US by improving skills such as driving, swimming, cooking and spending a lot of time caring for children.

Bonus: Tumelo's Experiences

Watch Au Pair Tumelo’s video about her Au Pair experience and the relationship she has with her Host Kids.

From the word ‘go’ the bond with the children was set. And they love me. And I love them; most importantly.


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I can assist you along your journey and offer you support and guidance along the way. Welcome to the next chapter of your life!

– Au Pair Sis                 

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